Measure No. 28

Legislative Argument in Support

Protects Education, Health Care/Human Services, and Public Safety

As legislators and stewards of the public trust, we have been presented with many challenges over the last year. Like many Oregonians, we ourselves have had to cut back and work to do more, with less. Measure 28, combined with the budget reductions the legislature has already made, would prevent wholesale cuts to our schools, health care, state prisons and police.

Measure 28 is Temporary

Measure 28 is temporary, this increase will last three years and in 2005, income tax rates will return to 2001 levels. The last time income taxes were increased was in 1982.

What Oregonians Would Pay

Gross Annual Income Average Annual Tax Increase After Federal Deduction
$ 10,000-20,000 $ 16.61
$ 20,000-30,000 $ 48.77
$ 30,000-40,000 $ 80.25
$ 40,000-50,000 $ 107.07
$ 50,000-60,000 $ 147.71
$ 75,000-100,000 $ 211.67
$ 100,000-200,000 $ 385.08

Measure 28 would cost the average Oregonian only $9.50 a month, just $114 per year. This request for a modest income tax increase was not our first choice. Last year we cut over $600 million from state funded services. These reductions impacted services for children and the elderly. The proposed increase would help to preserve vital state services such as education, prisons, state police and senior and disabled services.

Measure 28 has Bi-Partisan Support

The vote to refer this measure was passed with the support of legislators from both parties and the Governor.

Long-Term Solutions

The Legislature and the Governor are committed to working together to continue to find more cost-effective ways to provide public services, address needed efficiencies (i.e., PERS reform, health care reform, government reform) and address long-term tax reform and budget stability.

The Choice

The choice facing the Legislature and facing Oregonians is either: to raise taxes temporarily, further reduce services to Oregonians, tap into limited reserves, or borrow from the future.

Committee Members: Appointed By:
Senator Verne Duncan President of the Senate
Representative Richard Devlin Speaker of the House
Representative Bruce Starr Speaker of the House

(This Joint Legislative Committee was appointed to provide the legislative argument in support of the ballot measure pursuant to ORS 251.245.)

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Arguments in Opposition

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