Representative in Congress

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James Foster

Libertarian Party

Occupation: Software Engineer

Occupational Background: Programming Manager; Systems Architect; Attorney; Commercial Pilot

Educational Background: BA, Walla Walla; MS, North Dakota State; JD, UCLA

Prior Governmental Experience: Staff Attorney, Bureau of Consumer Protection, FTC

For decades Republicans and Democrats have showered our money on corporations and interest groups. These bailouts and subsidies have run up a huge debt to be paid by our children and grandchildren. This must stop.

Last year the federal government had $2.25 trillion in revenue and borrowed $1.35 trillion to spend $3.6 trillion. Per household, this is equivalent to spending $31,300 on an income of $19,600 and putting the difference of $11,700 on a credit card. This must stop.

US troops are deployed in over 150 countries. Hand-outs to rich countries like Germany and Japan undermine our own economy and security. Putting our brave soldiers in harm's way to prop up corrupt third-world regimes does not make us safer. This must stop.

Laws like "No Child Left Behind" meddle in local affairs and imposing counter-productive mandates. Real per-student federal spending on K -12 education has increased 375% since 1970, but achievement of high school graduates has stayed flat or declined. This must stop.

By forcing all Americans to buy products from private insurance companies (ObamaCare), the federal government far exceeded its authority to regulate commerce. By creating uncertainty and the threat of further regulation, Congress has discouraged businesses from hiring. This must stop.

Don't waste your vote on the status quo. Your vote for James Foster will send a clear message: the bailouts and reckless spending must stop.

As your Representative to Congress, I will honor my oath to uphold the Constitution.

For more information visit http: //www.VoteJamesFoster.com/.

(This information furnished by James Foster.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722