Representative in Congress

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Steven Reynolds

Progressive Party

Occupation: “Unemployed, Disabled Veteran”

Occupational Background: “US Army \ Teaching \ Entrepreneur”

Educational Background: “West Point Graduate”

Prior Governmental Experience: “Lieutenant US Army”

I have never been afraid to do what others will not. I found great satisfaction in serving the nation honorably as a soldier, my community as a Big Brother, and the world as an ambassador of goodwill. My commitment to serve the nation did not end with my injury. I am standing up now as a citizen that cannot bear the embarrassment that our Congress has become. I ask that the people of Oregon stand with me.

Our Congress is a dysfunctional organization that does not respect the people it serves. They trade favors for campaign contributions. They pad their wealth with privileged information. Further, they bicker while Oregon and the nation suffers.

Send the message that we need jobs. Our nations infrastructure is crumbling and we can put people to work today, fixing it. I intend to introduce legislation that will put people to work immediately through a program similar to that used during the great depression. We need jobs that can support a family and afford them the dignity that they deserve.

Now is not the time to send another multi-millionaire lawyer/businessman type to Congress. The wealthy are disconnected from the reality that most of Oregon lives. They do not fear getting enough hours to pay their bills. Reject the Democratic and Republican candidates and send the message that Oregon is not OK with wealth being price to serve in Congress.

I am not going to Washington, DC to make friends. I have no interest in gaining wealth and power through the privilege that the position provides. The only special interests that I will serve are those of the people in my District. Duty, Honor, Country: are values that I hold close and I will take them with me to Congress and bring them back to government.


(This information furnished by Steven Reynolds.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722