Official March 12, 1996 Presidential
Primary Election Voters' Pamphlet


This is a complete listing of candidates for the office of United States President for the March 12, 1996, Presidential Preference Primary Election. Each candidate listed here does not necessarily have a statement in the voters' pamphlet. To have a statement in the voters' pamphlet a candidate must purchase the space at a cost of $1,000.

While the candidates' statements appear in alphabetical order by their last name in this voters' pamphlet, you will notice that they appear in a different order on your ballot.

Under a new law, a "random alphabet" is drawn for every election. This random alphabet determines the order in which the names of candidates appear on the ballot.

The alphabet for the 1996 Presidential Preference Primary Election is as follows:

D, X, M, N, E, P, Z, B, S, H, V, K, Y, U, L, J, G, C, Q, W, F, A, R, I, O, T

Using the random alphabet, the candidates will appear on your ballot in the following order:

Democratic Candidate(s)
Bill Clinton

Republican Candidate(s)
Bob Dole
Robert K. Dornan
Patrick J. (Pat) Buchanan
Alan L. Keyes
Richard G. Lugar
Phil Gramm
Steve Forbes
Lamar Alexander
Morry Taylor

NOTE: In the candidate statements that follow, the State of Oregon has attempted to correct spelling errors, but is not responsible for grammar, syntax or inaccuracies.

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