State Representative

1st District
Wayne Krieger

2nd District
Susan Morgan

3rd District
Ron Maurer

4th District
Dennis Richardson

5th District
no filings received

6th District
Sal Esquivel

7th District
Bruce Hanna

8th District
Andrew Hill

9th District
Al Pearn

10th District
Alan Brown

11th District
no filings received

12th District
Bill Lioio

13th District
Thomas Ray Albright

14th District
Debi Farr

15th District
Andy Olson

16th District
Robin M. Brown

17th District
Jeff Kropf

18th District
Dale Settje
Mac Sumner

19th District
Kevin Cameron

20th District
Vicki Berger

21st District
Billy Dalto

22nd District
Carl Wieneke

23rd District
Brian Boquist

24th District
Donna G. Nelson

25th District
Kim Thatcher

26th District
Jerry Krummel

27th District
Domonic Biggi

28th District
Eldon Derville-Teer

29th District
Terry Rilling

30th District
Everett Curry

31st District
Mike Kocher

32nd District
Norm Myers

33rd District
no filings received

34th District
Joan Draper

35th District
Shirley Parsons

36th District
no filings received

37th District
Scott Bruun

38th District
Fred Bremner

39th District
Wayne Scott

40th District
no filings received

41st District
no filings received

42nd District
no filings received

43rd District
no filings received

44th District
Jay Kushner

45th District
no filings received

46th District
no filings received

47th District
Bruce McCain

48th District
Dave Mowry

49th District
Karen Minnis

50th District
John Lim

51st District
Linda Flores

52nd District
Patti Smith

53rd District
Gene Whisnant

54th District
Chuck Burley

55th District
George Gilman

56th District
Bill Garrard

57th District
Greg Smith

58th District
Bob Jenson

59th District
John H. Dallum

60th District
R. Thomas (Tom) Butler

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