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Bev Backa

Occupation: Service Director for non-profit organization and small business owner.

Occupational Background: Management positions with Lifeworks NW and Boys and Girls Aid Society of Oregon. Clinical director of managed care organization. Mental health professional. Real estate professional.

Educational Background: M.A., Clinical Psychology, University of Nevada B.S., Psychology and Business Management, Montana State University

Prior Governmental Experience: Member of Clackamas County Mental Health Advisory Council, Clackamas Mental Health Partnership, and Clackamas LPSCC Juvenile Crime Prevention Subcommittee.

Personal: Wife of Charles Sharkody and mother of Taylor.

Bev Backa - Advocating for our most vulnerable populations. Since 1999, Bev has led non-profit organizations in Oregon to build and maintain programs for children and the mentally ill. She has sponsored programs for runaway homeless youth, the mentally ill, and children who are not succeeding in traditional education settings. She will work to ensure that every young person receives the education that qualifies him or her to take their place in the workforce.

Bev Backa - Demanding a fair tax structure for small businesses and working Oregonians. Bev is committed to eliminating tax credits to big businesses that do not require them to re-invest in workforce development and adequate health coverage for their employees. She will insist on quality jobs that command a family living wage.

Bev Backa - Demonstrating that sound management is the key to cost effective service delivery. Using sound business practices like insurance pooling and maintaining Oregon Health Plan benefits that leverage every possible federal dollars are better solutions to containing costs than eliminating services. Sending our medically indigent to emergency rooms for routine care is not humane and it just doesn't make good fiscal sense. Every Oregonian has the right to quality and affordable healthcare.

A proven business and management expert working for all of Oregon

Endorsed by Oregon School Employees Association




(This information furnished by Friends of Bev Backa.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722