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Alan Bates

Occupation: Family physician for 25 years in the Rogue Valley; Oregon State Senator 2005 to present.

Occupational Background: Former Chief of Medicine at Rogue Valley and Providence Medford Medical Centers.

Educational Background: DO: College of Osteopathic Medicine, Kansas City, Missouri, 1977; B.A: Central Washington State University, 1969.

Prior Governmental Experience: Eagle Point School Board, 1990-2001; Governor's Committee for Excellence in Education, 1997-1999; Oregon Health Services Commission 1989-1999, chair, 1997-1999; Oregon State Representative 2001-2004.

Military Service: Vietnam: US Army 1965-1967.

Legislation introduced or strongly supported by Senator Bates.

For Education:
  • Funding for Oregon Opportunity Grants to help middle to low-income students attend college
  • Increased funding for public schools and pushed for education-funding stability (SB 841)
  • Secured $17,000,000 in state funding for the RCC/SOU Medford Campus

For Healthcare:

  • Eliminated obstacles so retired physicians and healthcare professionals could volunteer at low-income clinics (SB 446)
  • Brought to Oregon over $362 million in new federal dollars for Medicaid patients allowing 25,000 Oregonians to remain on the Oregon Health Plan (HB-2747) (DHS)
  • Made insurance companies more accountable through Mental Health Parody (SB 1), Emergency Contraception (SB 756, 849), and Breast Exams (HB 2498)
  • Expanded the Prescription Drug Pool (SB 329)

For all of us:

  • Urged tax incentives for companies producing bio-fuels (HB 3481)
  • Secured funding for Jacksonville Woods Project
  • Advocated installation of the Forest Legacy Program
  • Funded pesticide-use-reporting bill
  • Supported legislation funding a Medford Relief Nursery for high-risk families
  • Funded judicial position for Jackson County family/drug court

"It has been both an honor and a privilege serving our region in the legislature. Thank you for this opportunity."

Dr. Alan Bates

What others say:

"..if there is a lawmaker who possesses both the knowledge and political acumen to eventually make fundamental changes to the broken system it is likely to be Bates." 2/2006 Special Report Oregon Nursing PAC

(This information furnished by Alan C. Bates.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722