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Gary Blackburn

Occupation: Farm Owner

Occupational Background: Self Employed, Landscaping and Maintenance; Horticulture; Timber Mgt; Property Renovation.

Educational Background: Oregon State University, B.S. degree; classes Mt. Hood C.C. and Clackamas C.C.

Prior Governmental Experience: Oregon Nat'l Guard; Precinct Committee Person

Gary Blackburn is a fiscal conservative and life long Oregonian. He will guard your tax money like no other representative.

Health Care - Oregon can lead the way.

In the United States more money is spent per capita on health care than any other country in the world yet we have too many people with no health coverage or inadequate coverage. The money is already being spent on health care; we just need a better and more efficient system.

Protect Initiative and Referendum

We are fortunate to have this process in the State of Oregon.

Respect and Protect Our Environment

A farmer who protects and conserves the soil is being a good environmentalist.

Do we really need any more gambling casinos?

Gary Blackburn does not want casinos off Indian Reservations and definitely not in the Scenic Columbia River Gorge.

Gary says no taxpayer subsidizing of professional sports.

No special tax breaks for big corporations which has to be made up by other taxpayers.


When you are driving on the 205 freeway at 5:pm are you thinking we need more growth? I don't think so! Gary Blackburn is about quality not quantity.


(This information furnished by Gary Blackburn.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722