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Earl Blumenauer

Occupation: U.S. Congressman

Occupational Background: Administrator

Educational Background: Lewis and Clark College, B.A. Northwestern School of Law, J.D.

Prior Governmental Experience: Oregon State Legislature; Portland Community College Board; Multnomah County Commissioner; Portland City Commissioner; U.S. Congressman

Congressman Earl Blumenauer

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Dear Friends;

Like you, I am often frustrated with the direction of our county.

Every day, we face the consequences of failed policies like the tragic mismanagement of the war in Iraq, the treatment of our veterans at home, the failed response to natural disasters like Katrina, and the bureaucratic morass in programs critical to senior citizens. A culture of cronyism, corruption and incompetence is failing to meet the needs and expectations of Americans.

I remain optimistic we can change things. Throughout my career, I've believed in the fundamental values we cherish in Oregon. I have worked hard on reforms giving citizens more control to make families safe, healthy and economically secure.

Access to health care, funding for education and protecting our environment cannot be accomplished with narrow ideologies and the heavy hand of special interests. The source of our success has been Oregonians coming together to solve problems for the betterment of our communities all across the state.

Solutions to health care, education and economic challenges cannot be just dictated by Washington DC. We should however, expect a true partnership with the federal government to solve problems and strengthen our communities.

Together, we can assure that Oregon is not just on the right path but is a model for the country for the things we all hold dear. Your support for putting Oregon values to work is now more important than ever.

Thank you for the trust you have given me to represent you in Congress. I would appreciate your vote in May so that we can continue our work together.




(This information furnished by Earl Blumenauer for Congress.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722