State Representative

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Rob Brading

Occupation: CEO, MetroEast Community Media

Occupational Background: Non-Profit Administrator

Educational Background: BA in Anthropology, University of Colorado; Masters of Divinity, Union Theological Seminary, New York

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Community Activities: Co-founder East County Citizens for Fair Lending Practices; Past President Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce; Multnomah County Library Board; Mt. Hood Habitat for Humanity; Gresham Police Advisory Committee

Endorsements: Laurie Monnes Anderson, State Senator, District 25; Oregon School Employees Association; Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon


>"Big corporations write massive campaign checks to control the agenda in Salem. It's time to give working families a voice again."
-Rob Brading

Good Jobs with Economic Security. "We don't just need jobs-we need good jobs that support a family." Rob Brading will support new policies giving incentives to companies that create family wage jobs with health benefits or pensions.

Standing up for Better Schools. "Stable funding for schools is a good political slogan, but the reality is our schools keep falling behind." Rob Brading will support a plan to fund schools first in the budget before all other funding decisions. Rob will fight to make sure our local schools get their fair share of state funding.

Fighting Payday Lenders. "Charging working people 500% interest is criminal." As co-founder of East County Citizens for Fair Lending Practices, Rob Brading is leading the effort to cap interest rates and protect consumers.

Better Access to Health Care and Affordable Prescriptions. "Too many Oregonians are just one medical emergency away from financial disaster." Rob Brading will stand up to pharmaceutical companies to keep prescription prices down and force health insurers to hold public hearings when they want to raise rates.

Protecting Our Children. "We can't play games with our children's safety." Rob Brading will push for new measures to protect our children from violent and sexually explicit video games and will support tough laws to crack down on Internet predators.

Visit www.robbrading.com or call 503-661-3786.

(This information furnished by Friends of Rob Brading.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722