Representative in Congress

Charles H. Butcher III photo

Charles H. Butcher III

Occupation: President CHBIII Enterprises Inc

Occupational Background: 30 years construction

Educational Background: Graduate Shawnee High School; attended Michigan Technological University; Wright State University

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Politics As Usual

Not this time. I have a strong educational background but spent 30yrs doing blue collar work and running a small business. I am in touch with my neighbor's problems, not behind a desk. Plain talk and strong stands are today's needs. To reverse waldenbush we need:

Protection of Civil Liberties

I have been known as Second Amendment Crusader, I stand for All Civil Liberties, not a selected few. Infringements of Civil Liberties must be stopped. All Americans have the same rights and responsibilities. The Patriot Act should be junked and replaced by something respectful of guaranteed rights. The President is not above the law.

Putting the 2nd Congressional District First

I am not beholden to any outside interest. Small dollar campaigns like this one are beholden only to the Voters.

Health Care

Health Care costs must be addressed, with emphasis on a single payer system. Rural hospital funding must be restored and strengthened. Veterans' programs must be well funded and improved.

Rural Issues

Grown in America label legislation needs to be enacted and funded. The Federal Government must take responsibility for its occupation of rural counties. The divide between environmentalism and resource usage must be bridged with a balance of science, social and economic benefits. Federally mandated educational requirements must be federally funded. Prohibition of illegal hiring must be adequately enforced and punished ending business corruption and wage depression.


Tinkle down economics must cease. Taxation should reflect who benefits from the capitalist system. Senator Wyden's Flat Tax proposal is a beginning. Paying off the deficit should not be put on the backs of the least fortunate.

Iraq Disaster

Staying the course is code for "We have no clue". Get the troops out.

(This information furnished by Campaign to Elect Chuck.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722