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James Calvert

Occupation: Physician.

Occupational Background: 1992-present: faculty physician, Cascades East Family Practice, Klamath Falls. Taught at Georgetown University 1985-1992. Physician with the Indian Health Service in Fort Hall, Idaho, 1979-1985.

Educational Background: BA, History, Harvard; MD, George Washington University; Residency in Family Practice, University of Wisconsin.

Prior Governmental Experience: None.

Military Experience: United States Army, 1968-1969. Vietnam Service with 25th Infantry, 1968-1969, Staff Sergeant E-6. Awarded Bronze Star for Valor in Ground Combat.

Personal Information: Dr. Calvert is married and has two children still at home, girls aged 16 and 18 who attend the public schools in Klamath Falls. Dr. Calvert has lived and worked in Klamath Falls for 14 years. His wife, Wendy Warren, is a family practice physician in private practice in Klamath Falls. They have been married for 23 years.

Goals for the Oregon Legislature: The Oregon legislature must plan investment in Oregon's future so that our children will work in a state with a growing economy, first-rate educational opportunities, a safe environment, good health care, and a strong public safety system.

Economic growth in Oregon can best be achieved by creating a climate that attracts new businesses and jobs to the state. This includes preserving our natural resources, developing a strong infrastructure including highways and public transportation, and investing in our educational system from kindergarten through higher education.

As a physician, I am concerned about the effect the increased cost of obtaining health care has on the health of all of Oregon's citizens. The crisis in health care uses resources that we need for improved schools, infrastructure, and public safety. I can provide leadership to reform our health system to allow access to basic health care for all Oregonians and increased resources to insure a bright future for our children.

(This information furnished by James F. Calvert.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722