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Dan Davis

Occupation: Business Owner, Residential Construction and Alternative Energy Development

Occupational Background: U.S. Army, 2nd Lt., Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Soldier's Medal, Viet Nam Honor Medal, 1968-69; General Electric, Middle East Manager; CEO, Turbine Technology Services Corp

Educational Background: Bachelor's degree, Math and Physics, Westminster College

Prior Governmental Experience: Research Project on Safeguard Missile System

As a veteran and a businessman, I am compelled to work hard to recapture the American Values and Ideals on which our country was founded. When I took an oath as a US Army Officer, I swore to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States. I have never been released from that sacred oath and I still honor it fully.

We need to recapture and become Stewards of the American Dream for our children and grandchildren as well as for ourselves.

The incumbent has accepted thousands of dollars from Tom Delay's PAC and votes with them over 90% of the time. This has not worked well for our district, our state, nor our country. We have been on the wrong end of his votes on CAFTA, rural hospitals, Rural County funding for schools, libraries, police, etc. We can do better than this by working together, not for narrow partisan gain. I will work to find common ground for health care solutions a quick and honorable end to wars, energy independence, quality jobs, environmental stewardship, and fiscal responsibility

I am the candidate to defeat this partisan destruction of American ideals. Please support me in this critical and necessary task. I will put our State and country and it's people ahead of political party, donors, and power.

"Dan Davis is a man of ability and integrity, and I strongly endorse his candidacy for Congress."--State Representative Peter Buckley (D-Jackson County)

"He's one of the most genuine, caring and progressive individuals one could ever meet" Joyce (Joy) Stewart

Dave Gilmour, M.D., Jackson County Commissioner, Dr. Rick Kirschner, Jim Rassmann, Viet Nam Veteran,

(This information furnished by Dan Davis.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722