State Representative

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Connie Garcia

Occupation: Retired school teacher; adjunct faculty at Chemeketa Community College and Western Oregon University

Occupational Background: Specialist in Elementary Education, Reading, Spanish, Special Education, English for Students of Other Languages/Bilingual

Educational Background: Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science in Education, WOU.

Prior Governmental Experience: Precinct Committee Person, Polk County Democrats, PCDC Leader for the Hispanic Caucus

Community Involvement: Vice President and Building Rep, Central Education Association; School Latino Club Advisor

Personal: Married, five adult children

We must get Oregon back on track. As your Representative, I will work to equalize and stabilize education funding, to reduce health care costs, and to promote a safe and healthy environment for our kids.

Equal and Stable School Funding
Class sizes have increased and programs have been reduced because of lack of funding. This is unacceptable. We must find a way to have equitable and stable school funding. We must provide the kind of educational opportunities that will allow students to compete globally. I want to work to equalize and stabilize funding for education for all students.

Lower Health Care Costs
I have seen children go to school with health problems because parents do not have health insurance and they cannot afford to see a doctor. I have seen the elderly go unattended in nursing homes because of staffing that do not meet the needs of their residents. In the greatest industrialized country in the world, this is deplorable. We must make quality health care affordable for all our citizens.

A Safe and Healthy Environment
I will make sure our kids our safe. I support Jessica's Law and other measures to protect our kids from sexual predators. And I will make sure our law enforcement officers have the support they need to protect our communities. I will work to protect the farmland in our district from urban sprawl. And I will work for clean air and water.

Connie Garcia: Strong Leadership. A New Direction for Oregon.

(This information furnished by Connie Garcia.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722