State Representative

Jim Gilbertson photo

Jim Gilbertson

Occupation: Farmer

Occupational Background: Supervisor and Quality Control for Willamette Industries mills for over 30 years

Educational Background: Attended Eastern Washington College of Education

Prior Governmental Experience: Democratic Precinct Committee Person

Family: Jim and Althea Gilbertson have three grown children and four grandchildren.

Like many Oregonians, I worked in the timber industry and now work in agriculture, two Oregon traditions that we need to preserve. As both a union mill worker and as a mill manager, I worked well with both sides and realized that we are all an important part of our community. We need more of that kind of cooperation in the Oregon legislature. Too many legislators in both parties have been nothing but a rubber stamp for their political party leadership and special interest donors. I will represent all of my constituents.

I want to see expanded industry and family wage jobs in Eastern and Central Oregon A sad part of my job was to have to help dismantle three mills. We are all concerned about the environment, but I know that we can continue the logging and production of timber in an environmentally and sustainable way. I want to see the aluminum smelters in The Dalles and Goldendale reopened, and to see other opportunities available so that people don't have to move to the Portland area to find good jobs.

I believe in a vibrant free enterprise system to reward those with the ideas, ingenuity, initiative, and guts to tackle their dreams. When people feel economically secure, they will be more likely to support funding for education and other social services.

I want to increase funding for the Oregon Health Plan, a program that a high percentage of Eastern Oregon families rely on for basic health care. More and more rural Oregonians live without health care and we must reverse that trend.

(This information furnished by Go Gilbertson Committee.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722