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Mary Lou Hennrich photo

Mary Lou Hennrich

Occupation: Executive Director Community Health Partnership

Occupational Background: Public Health Nurse and Manager, Multnomah County Health Department

Educational Background: University of Portland, BS/MS Nursing

Prior Governmental Experience: Rockwood Urban Renewal Committee

Nursing and Community Leader for 35 years:

  • Mary Lou established the first School Based Health Center at Roosevelt H.S. (1985). That center has grown to 45 statewide, providing critical health services to 25,000+ students.
  • Mary Lou directed Multnomah County's Health Clinic system, growing it to serve 40,000+ low-income residents. She established groundbreaking home visiting programs for teen parents, seniors and at-risk families; working tirelessly to ensure access to quality healthcare.
  • With Governor Kitzhaber, Mary Lou developed guiding principles for the Oregon Health Plan.
  • Mary Lou worked with Oregon's legislature for many years, championing funding for Prenatal Care, Family Planning, School Health Centers, immunizations, progressive and effective HIV/AIDS programs, safe drinking water, and restaurant inspections.
  • Mary Lou is working to remove "junk foods" and soda from schools.

Mary Lou knows that a "Healthy Oregon" requires her continued leadership for:

  • A Healthy School System: Making sure teachers, like her daughter Shannon, and all Oregon students have the tools they need to succeed in college or career. Mary Lou demands funding levels that protect neighborhood schools, Community Colleges and Universities
  • A Healthy Environment: Clean air and drinking water; safe, walkable/bikeable neighborhoods; healthy rivers and forests.
  • A Healthy Economy: Living wage jobs with good benefits, like those she created at CareOregon, Inc.
  • An Affordable Health Care System that works: Promoting good health for ALL Oregonians!

Join the Democratic Party of Multnomah County, Oregon Nurses Association, Thomas Bruner, Gordon Carlson, Marilyn Fink, Mitch Greenlick, Gretchen Kafoury, James C. Leineweber, Commissioner Lisa Naito, Coral Natta, Consuelo Seragoza, Beverly Stein, Dr. Erik Szeto, and hundreds more.Send Mary Lou Hennrich, RN to Salem.We Need a Nurse in the House!

(This information furnished by Friends of Mary Lou Hennrich.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722