State Representative

Gordon Hillesland photo

Gordon Hillesland

Occupation: Utility Worker

Occupational Background: Athletic Field Maintenance; Greenskeeper; Revenue Officer; Administrative Manager, Brussels, Belgium; Parts Sales Representative; Foreign Freight Forwarder; Detective Division Clerk; Portland Police Bureau; letter carrier; postal clerk

Educational Background: Woodstock Grade School; Franklin High School; George Washington University; Portland State University, BA in Business Administration, Certificate in International Business Studies; Intern, President Hotel, Capetown, South Africa; Lloyd Porter Award for International Business Studies; AIESEC, International Association of Business Students

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Military Background: US Navy; Naval Support Activity, Dong Tam, Vietnam; USS Concord AFS-5

Memberships: Life Member, Veterans of Foreign Wars; Past chapter commander and Life Member, Disabled American Veterans; Member, Mobile Riverine Force Association

Political Background: Multnomah County Democratic Party; Precinct Committee Person; Chair, Platform, Resolution and Legislation Committee; Delegate, Third Congressional District Delegation; Member, Democratic Party of Oregon Platform Committee

Volunteer Background: High School Site Council; Youth Soccer Coach, Youth Soccer Board; Richmond Neighborhood Emergency Team; union member, past union steward

We need leadership to repeal the kicker law, rewrite the property tax laws and insure income tax laws are enforced. We need to make tax fraud a crime in Oregon.

$666 million will be returned because of the kicker law. This money could be used for schools, transportation infrastructure and social services. This money is returned based on what the budgeted amount for the biennium is, not what the needed amount is.

Current amount of property tax has nothing to do with the amount paid for the property. Our property tax laws need to be changed to relate the two.

Oregon state income tax payers each pay $620 per year more because our income tax laws are not enforced. Enforcement must be assured.

We have lacked leadership in revenue issues. Now is the time to elect revenue issue leadership.

(This information furnished by Gordon Hillesland.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722