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Betty Komp

Occupation: Legislator; Director of Administrative Services, Woodburn School District.

Occupational Background: Worked as a farm hand; youth minister; assistant principal; and teacher.

Educational Background: As a single mom, Betty went back to college and earned her Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Western Oregon University.

Prior Governmental Experience: School Board member.

Family: Four daughters, six grandchildren.

Dear Friends,

Thank you for the honor of serving as your representative. During my first session in the Legislature, I've done my best to live up to your trust.

I've held many neighborhood office hours throughout the district where you've told me how rising health care costs are straining your family budget. That's why I wrote legislation to make more Oregonians eligible for bulk discounts on lifesaving medicines.

Time and time again I spoke out in support of stabilizing school funding. As someone who's worked in our public schools, I also understand the need to cut administrative costs and make sure funding goes to the classroom.

To improve our business climate, I supported changes to workers compensation and tax laws that reduced the cost of creating new jobs.

As your State Representative, I'll keep fighting for the things that are important to our community:

  • Reduce Health Care Costs: Make the big insurance companies hold public hearings and get Insurance Commissioner approval before they raise our rates again.
  • Put School Funding into the Classroom: Cap administrative expenses and eliminate "golden parachutes" for administrators who leave their jobs.
  • Create More Good-Paying Jobs: Work with the Labor Commissioner to coordinate with construction industry and unions to create highly trained workers to meet Oregon's needs. Stop outsourcing construction jobs.

My only request now is that you continue your trust in me as your legislator. Your vote, just like mine during the legislative session, is what counts. It is one vote, but an important one for the progress and well-being of our community.


Betty Komp

(This information furnished by Elect Betty Komp.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722