Representative in Congress

Alexa J. Lewis photo

Alexa J. Lewis

Occupation: Customer Service Support Specialist, Automotive Finance

Occupational Background: University of Idaho Library 1994-1998; retail management 1998-2003; automotive finance 2003-present

Educational Background: University of Idaho, B.S. 1998

Prior Governmental Experience: none

Family: Alexa Lewis is proud to join her spouse Bill in raising their two children James and Elizabeth. Alexa has been married for 10 years.


Alexa Lewis: leading a new generation of Democrats.

Alexa will ensure your right to vote is protected. She is dedicated to election reform. Alexa will work tirelessly ensuring that our voting systems are protected from private interests. Our most basic right in this democracy is the right to vote; Alexa will defend that right.

As a mother, Alexa is concerned for the future of her daughter and will fight to keep the right to choose a personal matter and not a legislative/judicial issue. Reproductive freedom is a hard won battle; progressive leadership will ensure that all women will have a voice.

With two children who will be entering public schools in the coming years Alexa is genuinely concerned for the funding of our public schools. Alexa is determined to ensure future legislation allows your children the same opportunities she had growing up: smaller classroom sizes, outdoor play, team sports, and a well rounded curriculum.

Alexa Lewis, Candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives:

I am leading the Democratic Party back to its core values so that our legislation can be clearly defined: progressive and forward thinking. Too many moderate Democrats are soft on the issues that need to be fought with vigor and passion.

Support my candidacy: elect a representative who understands the working class lifestyle and its limitations in this current economy. My commitment is to be your voice.

(This information furnished by Alexa Lewis for Congress Committee.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722