State Senator

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Mario E. Magaña

Occupation: Professor

Occupational Background: Seven years of industrial experience plus eighteen years as an electrical engineering professor (two at University of Alabama and sixteen at OSU)

Educational Background: BSEE with minor in Mathematics, Iowa State University; MSEE, Georgia Tech and PhD in Electrical Engineering, Purdue University

Prior Governmental Experience: Vice Chair, Law Enforcement Review Committee, Benton County

Education Comes First

  • As an educator for the last 18 years and father of school children Mario has become all too familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of our education system.

  • The politicians in Salem have failed to create an adequate state-wide environment for learning in our schools.

  • Mario will fight to stop the inadequate funding, insufficient recognition of teachers work and lack appropriate state-wide standards of learning. Good education at all levels is paramount to the success of Oregon.

Insuring Affordable Health Care

  • Access to affordable health care in our state is rapidly becoming impossible for many Oregonians.

  • Mario recognizes Oregon should create a new health care system which will put emphasis on prevention not expensive trips to the Emergency Room.

  • Mario believes our health care system has to be accessible, easily understood, and contain the best management practices to insure our health care dollars are spent on doctors not insurance companies.

Understands a Healthy Environment = Healthy Oregonians

  • Mario understands the laws protecting our air and water should NOT come from high-paid lobbyists but from sound scientific research.

  • Mario believes Oregon can have a healthy timber industry that implements harvesting practices which have minimal environmental impact.

"I will work hard to keep my promise of helping achieve a real democracy in our state and will prove to my fellow citizens that one can be an honest, incorruptible politician."

"I ask for your vote this November."

Endorsing Organizations: Oregon School Employees Association; Oregon League of Conservation Voters

(This information furnished by Mario E. Magaña.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722