State Representative

Jeff Merkley photo

Jeff Merkley

Occupation: 1999-2006 State Representative

Occupational Background: President, World Affairs Council of Oregon; Executive Director, Portland Habitat for Humanity; Director of Housing Development, Human Solutions

Educational Background: David Douglas High School; Stanford (B.A., International Relations); Princeton (M.A., Public Policy)

Prior Governmental Experience: U.S. Congressional Policy Analyst; 1983 Presidential Intern, Office of Secretary of Defense; Intern for Senator Hatfield; David Douglas Student Body President; State Commission for Children and Families


  • Fought for Fairness: as Founder and Co-chair of East Portland Coalition to End Unfair Storm Water Fees, worked to end Portland's practice of charging east-Portland residents for services the city is not providing.
  • Reduced Crime: helped organize residents to shut down "crack alley"; spearheaded a pilot home-building program for at-risk youth.
  • Promoted Opportunity: started the state's first Individual Development Account (IDA) program, helping low-income families buy homes, attend college, or start businesses.


  • Fought to place equitable and adequate funding for quality schools first on the legislative agenda.
  • Advocated for legislation to lower the cost of drugs for Oregon's citizens and small businesses, to increase investment in tobacco prevention programs, and to make healthcare more affordable and accessible for Oregon's citizens.
  • Worked successfully to extend unemployment benefits and defeat efforts to gut Oregon's minimum wage.
  • Supported aggressive efforts to combat meth and identity theft.
  • Championed legislation to reform Oregon's ethics laws, reduce mercury pollution, increase home ownership, and create jobs.

Dear Neighbor,

It's been an honor to represent you in Salem. I will keep working hard to put Oregon back on track. Please contact me at 503-255-4287 or at repjeffmerkley@aol.com with questions or ideas. Your vote counts!!!    Jeff

(This information furnished by Friends of Jeff Merkley.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722