State Representative

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Mary Nolan

Occupation: business development specialist

Occupational Background: electronics design; manufacturing; financial management; public service

Educational Background: Dartmouth College; public schools

Prior Governmental Experience: chair: NASA industry advisory council; consumer advocate: Oregon Construction Contractors Board; Portland Environmental Services Director; chair: Portland Private Industry Council

Proven Leadership.

  • co-chair, Pro-Choice Caucus
  • Land Use and Environment Committees
  • Audits Committee
  • Stable Schools Task Force
  • Task Force on Senior Services

Real Solutions.
Nolan believes great schools create great communities.

  • Championed more funding for public schools and colleges.
  • Proposed plan to allow local voters more control.

Nolan is an astute, effective environmental steward.

  • Co-sponsored Willamette Restoration proposals.
  • Proposed balanced land use adjustments to protect wilderness and property values.

Nolan steadfastly defends civil liberties.

  • Led strategy that defeated every anti-abortion bill.
  • Sponsored bill to create civil unions.

Nolan helped protect services for low-income seniors.

  • Publicly advocated to keep Oregon Project Independence.
  • Sponsored Senior Prescription Drug Assistance Program.

Nolan promotes sustainable economic growth.

  • Sponsored law to help laid-off workers in re-training programs.
  • Sponsored Oregon Opportunity to create new high-paying jobs.

Nolan stood for affordable health care, and she made a difference.

  • Sponsored law to help small businesses afford health insurance.
  • Sponsored law to control prescription costs in Oregon Health Plan

Dear Neighbor:
I have made a home in this district for 21 years. I am honored that you have trusted me to represent you, and I know that the work you want me and the legislature to do is not finished. Our communities - neighborhoods, cities, the state as a whole - need us all to find common ground. That's the mission I will pursue if you elect me again.
I will continue to seek your advice and ideas. Feel free to call me at 503-248-9930.
Please vote for me as your State Representative.

Mary Nolan

Proven Leadership. Real Solutions.

(This information furnished by Mary Nolan.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722