State Representative

Ryan A. Olds photo

Ryan A. Olds

Occupation: Student, Willamette University

Occupational Background: Portland Parks, Recreation Staff for "at risk" youth (2004-2005); Camp Staff (2003); Sports official (2002-2006); Internship for State Senator (2005)

Educational Background: Graduate of Willamette University (May, 2006); Bachelors of Science in Politics. Graduate of David Douglas High School (2002)

Prior Governmental Experience: Internship for State Senator (2005)

I am running for the Oregon House of Representatives because I believe that it is time for a serious change in Salem. Partisanship now trumps citizenship in the State Legislature and the Legislature has repeatedly failed to address many serious needs for the state of Oregon. Many people feel that this is simply the way it is, but I think we can do better.

I am running because I think with a fresh perspective and open mind we can get real work done for the state of Oregon including:

  • Providing increased and stable funding for our public schools and to offer real education reform so that we have the best possible public school system.
  • Ensuring that NO Oregonian goes without access to basic health insurance.
  • Protecting our vast natural beauty and investing in technologies that will ensure that our children and grandchildren can appreciate clean air and water.
  • Supporting workers' rights and companies that provide stable family wage employment for Oregonians.
  • Ensuring that our communities are safe and that every Oregonian has the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

If you are completely satisfied with the performance of the current State Legislature then perhaps I am not the candidate for you. However, if you believe like I do, that being an Oregonian is more important than partisan affiliations and that together we can solve real problems, then I am asking for your vote. It is time to put people over politics and to bring the citizen's legislature back to the citizens of this state.

(This information furnished by Ryan Olds for Representative.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722