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J. Marty Olson

Occupation: Business Analyst; Oregon Department of Education

Occupational Background: Twenty years of public service, working effectively at all levels of government: clerical, educational and administrative; Experience as a consultant for both state and local government.

Educational Background: Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education (Mathematics): Western Oregon University.

Prior Governmental Experience: Current board member: Clackamas ESD. Currently employed with the Oregon Department of Education as a database / web designer and Business Analyst. Formerly employed as a compliance auditor at Oregon Health Sciences University.

I am running for this office to return to my community their investment in and commitment to me. Local teachers educated me; coaches and scout leaders encouraged me, and local businesses & farms provided me with employment opportunities. I am committed to this community and will fight to ensure our continued support of children and young adults.

Locally our community does a fantastic job of setting priorities / goals; we empower our local officials, monitor their progress and hold them accountable. These checks and balances assure great neighborhoods, schools and parks. Clearly we need Salem to do this, and I will provide the leadership needed to make this happen.

At ODE we are working with local school districts to streamline our educational reporting systems. Our goal is to be more cost effective while meeting "No Child Left Behind" and other non-funded mandates. At Clackamas ESD we have initiated a process to consolidate operations, streamline the delivery of services and lower operating costs.

I will work to set clear goals, evaluate existing programs, and set the expectation that all government will be cost effective. I will assist families and empower those who provide them with support. I am dedicated to helping these family support groups and am especially committed to helping the families of the National Guard. In addition, I have worked this year to help establish a local chapter of a national homeownership non-profit organization.

(This information furnished by J. "Marty" Olson.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722