State Representative

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Howard Owens

Occupation: Senior Advocate

Occupational Background: Represented the United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement workers for 33 years; Executive Director, Labor Employment Training Corporation - supervised 125 employees, $25 million annual budget.

Educational Background: San Fernando Valley Community College; frequent guest lecturer UCLA and USC; business courses

Prior Governmental Experience: Advisory Committees: State Energy Commission, California Advisory Council on Vocational Education, California Council on Health Plan Alternatives, Senior Advisory Committee to the National Democratic Committee; Elected as Silver Haired Senator from California (advisory body created by Congress).

Other positions: Western Director of the National Council of Senior Citizens; Executive Director, Consumer Federation of California; Veteran, U.S. Navy

Common Ground, Common Sense, Common Good
I am running for public office because we need to change the climate of our political discourse. Our concern for the common good means we must find common ground together and share common sense to solve Oregon's challenges.

Equally important, we need to bring the compassion we feel for our family and neighbors back to the realm of public policy. We need to cast seeds of hope and generosity farther and wider for the good of our children and grandchildren.

Stabilize School Funding
Unrealistically generous tax give-aways to large corporations have put Oregon's schools and other services in jeopardy. I will work to stabilize school funding by having corporations pay their fair share to support the infrastructure that supports them.

Increase Health Care Access
I support a statewide heath care plan. It's wrong that seniors must choose between buying food and buying medicine, or mothers must choose between taking a sick child to a doctor or paying the rent.

Move Forward on Energy & Environment
I support more research and application of sustainable energy sources in Oregon, and more energy conservation with initiatives like the "Clean Cars" program. I support balancing our need for clean air, water and open space with economic interests.

Thank you for your vote and your support.

(This information furnished by Howard L. Owens.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722