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Lynn D. Partin

Occupation: Program Developer, Oregon Housing and Community Services Department (OHCS).

Occupational Background: Attorney, Activist, Advocate

Educational Background: Law School, University of Michigan; Honors College, Michigan State University.

Prior Governmental Experience: Assistant Attorney General, Oregon Department of Justice; Governor's Economic Revitalization Team; Farmworker Programs Administrator; Chair, Multnomah County Charter Review Committee; Governor's Legislative Relations staff; Attorney, US Postal Service; Staff, U.S. Senate.

Personal/Community: Long-time resident of Southeast Portland with husband Bill Holmes.

A Trusted Leader, Tackling the Tough Issues

"Our district needs Lynn Partin's leadership to help our local schools, seniors, and make sure our tax dollars are well spent. As your former Representative, I am proud to support her and ask you to vote for Lynn Partin."

State Treasurer Randall Edwards
Mt. Tabor resident

A Champion for Education

  • Lynn will lead the fight for stable, adequate funding for our entire education system and ensure that your tax dollars reach the classroom.

Fighting to Keep Oregonians Healthy

  • Lynn knows that Oregonians, especially seniors, need better access to quality, affordable health care; and will fight to make that a reality.

Bringing Oregon Together, Making Us Stronger

  • Lynn won't be beholden to any special interest. Her independent leadership will build bridges, not burn them. She will bring leaders together to repair the state's financial structure.

"Lynn Partin will make the tough decisions and do what is right for Oregonians. Her skills and experience will be a tremendous asset to the House."

Rep. Greg Macpherson

Lynn has spent her life making the lives of others better. She's protected the civil rights of women, minorities, gays and lesbians; doubled the housing budget for Oregon's farmworkers; and saved seniors from fraud and abuse.

"Lynn Partin has earned our trust - she's an independent voice who brings the right tone to politics, and she's tough enough to tackle the big issues we need to solve to move Oregon forward."

Rep. Mary Nolan

Please Vote Lynn Partin!


(This information furnished by Lynn D. Partin.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722