State Representative

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Sal Peralta

Occupation: Small Business Owner

Occupational Background: Sal has worked as a non-profit director; a systems administrator; and small business owner, specializing in information technology and public policy.

Educational Background: University of Colorado; Boulder High School

Prior Governmental Experience: Legislative Aide, Colorado State Senate; Intern, U.S. Senator Tim Wirth; Yamhill County Parks Board.

Family: Married to Tanya; daughter, Bella.

Now more than ever we need people not politicians to run government. Our country needs its elected officials to confront the challenges facing our nation rather than pass the buck to future generations.

I pledge to work toward a more inclusive future where we no longer think in terms of what benefits Democrats or Republicans, but rather, what is best for all Americans. I ask you to join me in the fight to hand to our children a better tomorrow.


I believe in flatter, fairer taxes with progressive tax credits for low and middle-income families, and tax deductions for charitable giving. Oregonians should be able to figure out their taxes on a form the size of a postcard. We must stop rewarding companies with tax breaks and loopholes for taking Oregon jobs overseas or out of state.


Affordable health care should be a right of every Oregonian. If elected, I will fight for much needed relief for our seniors and families by expanding the state's bulk purchasing prescription drug program. I will sponsor legislation re-adopting the cigarette tax to provide health care to low-income children. I will take on the special interests that dominate the health care debate in Salem.


The education debate in Salem should focus on what is best for our children and families. We should encourage parent participation, and take appropriate steps to decrease class size. Money for our schools needs to go into the classroom, not for high administrative costs. Education is an opportunity that our state cannot afford to lose.


(This information furnished by Friends of Sal Peralta.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722