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Tobias Read

Occupation: Developer, Kids Footwear, Nike.

Occupational Background: U.S. Treasury Department; Willamette University.

Educational Background: BA, Willamette University; MBA with Certificate in Environmental Management, University of Washington.

Prior Governmental Experience: Aide to U.S. Treasury Secretary; Legislative Assistant, State Representative Bryan Johnston.

Volunteer Experience: Oregon Business Association, Environment and Economic Development Committee; Start Making a Reader Today; youth basketball coach.

Leadership for the Long Run

There was an era when the Legislature planned for the future-the Bottle Bill, public beaches, and other innovations made Oregon a great place to live. Today our elected officials are quick to say why things can't get done. Tobias Read believes we should choose progress and innovation over partisanship and inaction. That's how to improve our community for the long run.

World-class education: Create a Rainy Day Fund to remove the volatility from school budgets, enable school districts to plan for the future, and provide the resources schools need to meet high academic standards.

"Tobias Read's plan will help give all our children the opportunity to succeed in school and in life." -Priscilla Turner, Beaverton School Board Member

Lower prescription drug prices: Expand the innovative Prescription Drug Purchasing Pool to enable all Oregonians to get better prices on lifesaving medicines.

Affordable health coverage: Make the big insurance companies hold public hearings and get Insurance Commissioner approval before they raise our rates.

"Tobias isn't interested in empty campaign pledges. He will work to find real ways to lower healthcare costs for Oregonians."
-Senator Alan Bates, M.D.

"Tobias Read knows that government has a responsibility to protect the safety and well-being of its citizens."
-Representative Jeff Barker

"The decisions we make in the next few years will determine the quality of our schools and the health of our state for decades. Tobias Read is the right choice to make those decisions, and he's got my vote to be the next State Representative from District 27."
-Representative Mark Hass


(This information furnished by Friends of Tobias Read.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722