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Sam H.W. Sappington

Occupation: Psychologist in Private Practice (since 2003)

Occupational Background: Assistant Director, OSU's Counseling & Psychological Services; Senior Staff Psychologist, Colorado State University

Educational Background: University of California, Davis (B.S. Applied Behavioral Sciences); Cornell University (M.S. Human Service Studies); University of Maryland (Ph.D. Counseling Psychology)

Prior Governmental Experience: Precinct Captain; Benton County Rep to 5th Congressional District Committee (Hooley); Benton County and Statewide DPO Platform Conventions (2004 and 2005)

Dear Neighbor,

As a nation and a people, I am convinced that we have begun this new millennium with a less than ideal start in recent years. It is difficult to remember a time when government has seemed to care so little about the average citizen. Our priorities have been turned upside down as hundreds of billions of tax dollars are being diverted to military and homeland security spending. Federal, state, and local decisions are having a direct impact on the quality of life in Oregon communities.

  • Our schools and educational system in Oregon are suffering, as is our younger generation;
  • The "safety net" of social services is being cut from every angle;
  • More Oregonians are losing medical insurance and access to affordable health care;
  • Too many jobs are being "outsourced" overseas;
  • Corporations are abandoning pension plan commitments to employees;
  • Tax cuts are primarily benefiting only the wealthiest and most powerful citizens.

I Will Work To Restore the Checks and Balances in Our Government, While Increasing Fairness and Compassion in Our Communities!

There appears to be a concerted effort to bankrupt government at all levels by many of our current leaders, while the divide between the rich and the poor only grows larger. I fear we are eroding the very building blocks necessary for a healthy and vibrant democracy to function.

Please support me in my efforts to create a better Oregon where ALL can prosper and feel secure! Feel free to share your ideas at:


(This information furnished by Sam H.W. Sappington.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722