State Representative

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Mike Schaufler

Occupation: State Representative

Occupational Background: State Legislator 2003 to Present; Contractor, 1996 to 2003; Laborer's Union member, rank and file, 1988 to 1996

Educational Background: University of Iowa, B.A., Political Science, 1984; Webster City High School, Webster City Iowa 1978

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative, 2003-present; Sunrise Water Authority Budget Committee, 2000-present; Happy Valley City Council, 1997-2000; Clackamas County Concurrency Project-Transportation; Happy Valley Budget Committee 1997-2000

Creating Jobs

As a small business owner, Mike Schaufler understands the importance of creating good jobs that can support a family. Mike has voted for and supports policies that attract and retain investment in Oregon businesses. Mike supports new policies that give incentives to companies that create family wage jobs that provide health care and pensions.

Quality Schools

Mike Schaufler believes that bringing more jobs to Oregon will help generate the necessary funding to fully invest in our school system. Mike believes that Oregon must strive to have the best schools in America from kindergarten through college.

Seniors and Disabled Citizens

Mike Schaufler cares about all Oregonians. In the 2005 Legislature, he supported Oregon Project Independence to provide our seniors and disabled citizens with the assistance they need so they can continue to live in their own homes.

Keeping Families Safe

Mike Schaufler sponsored Jessica's Law to protect children from sexual predators. Mike voted to hit drug dealers where it hurts by taking their assets away when they are convicted of selling drugs in our communities. Mike wholeheartedly supports our police and is leading the effort to give them the tools they need to fight the methamphetamine epidemic.

Protecting Oregon's Consumers

Mike Schaufler is working to regulate payday loans that may hurt working families. Mike wants to protect small businesses and working people from out-of-control healthcare premiums.

Mike Schaufler
Building a Better Oregon

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(This information furnished by Mike Schaufler.)

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