State Representative

Jill Selman-Ringer photo

Jill Selman-Ringer

Occupation: Acquisitions Officer, Vacation Solutions

Occupational Background: Self-Employed Home Health Care Worker 1997-2006; Stamm Stuart Bybee Insurance 2001-2005; Blind Enterprises of Oregon 1991- 1995; American Cancer Society 1988-1991

Educational Background: Columbia College of Business 1998

Prior Governmental Experience: none

As the next state representative I promise to fight for:

Greater Government Accountability

As I've canvassed our district, I have often heard a call for greater accountability from our public officials. I share your frustration. As a mother of five, I know a few things about accountability. In our household everyone has responsibilities. If someone doesn't get things done there are consequences. The same should hold true for government. We need legislators who get the job done.

A Quality Educational System

I promise to work relentlessly for a fully funded quality education system for our children. Money for our schools should go to the classrooms. A quality public education system should never be up for debate. Children are our future and we cannot afford to let them down.

Affordable, Accessible Health Care

As a single parent, I've lived the struggle of the ever growing class of working poor. Mounting health care costs should never force us to choose between health insurance for our children and the most basic necessities of life. Children cost the least to insure, yet shamefully, thousands of Oregon children do not have access to basic, preventative health care. I demand greater equality and fairness in our health care system.

Economic Stability and Growth

As a skilled worker, I've seen my family's chances for a brighter future shrinking right along with the dwindling supply of living wage jobs in our great state. I will work to strengthen the infrastructure and make Oregon a desirable place for companies offering high quality, living wage jobs. To ensure economic stability we must develop a strong partnership between economic, environmental and educational interests. Enough is enough. The key to our future is now.

(This information furnished by Jill Selman-Ringer.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722