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Shantu Shah

Occupation: Social Service

Occupational Background: Engineering

Educational Background: Professional Engineer

Prior Governmental Experience: Federal Security

Portland Business Journal Award

My Dear Oregonian Friends, Brothers, and Sisters:

As an Oregonian Shantu has participated in community service, trained in leadership, hired and trained Oregon employees, participated in international business delegations since 1978, raised and educated two bright sons through Oregon schools of higher education to become productive engineers like him, helping the Oregon economy as his wife also has.

Vote for "David Wu" is "Deja Wu." It's real mess here. Drug addiction, gambling, hunger, and homelessness hover over poor, while the middle-class is stranded by the new economy. America is drowning in debt. Bleeding must stop.

Vote for incumbents corrupted by corporations, casinos, and medical insurers if you want 90% tax-heaven loopholes for the giant corporate shareholders to continue at the expense of Oregonians' livelihood and expensive healthcare. It would be a social suicide. Vote for honest lawmakers, not the lawbreakers' best supporting actors.

Vote for Shantu, if you want the power to transform the world with US-India Partnership for the peaceful coexistence to win the hearts and minds outside America, please vote for Peace. Peace has power, War is weakness.

Vote for Shantu for non-partisan alignment and political partnership between two largest global democracies with corporate cooperation between Oregon and India. Bring long-term benefits to Oregonians with vibrant exportimports, biomedical, nanotechnology, engineering, telecommunications, scientific education, medical research, trade, tourism, and secular multicultural exchange opportunities to enhance economy, social security, employment, clean energy, entertainment, ethics, environment, and Northwest natural resources.

Vote for Shantu to connect the democratic dots across the globe with diversity, diligence, and deliverance with bilateral trade if we want to restore America to its gigantic job growth. Export Oregon cheese, chips, computers, shoes, wines, fruits, farm products, and fine foods to 1.5 billion South Asian customers. Let's simplify taxes. Ensure individual rights to personal privacy, affordable education, and healthcare.

Shantu Shah

(This information furnished by Shantu Shah.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722