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Bill A. Smith

Occupation: Currently Professional Development Coordinator; Eastern Oregon University

Occupational Background: Bureau of Land Management Firefighter, 1966-2000; Teacher, Colegio Maya International School of Guatemala, 1996-1997; High School Teacher, Athletic Director, Coach, 1966-1996

Educational Background: Masters of Education - Linfield College, McMinnville, Oregon; Bachelor of Science Degree, Linfield College; Boise Junior College, Boise, Idaho; Taft High School, Lincoln City, Oregon

Prior Governmental Experience: Currently Bend/LaPine School Board; Mid-Oregon Credit Union Board; Oregon High School Coaches Association President

There are times when well meaning and hard working people fail at solving problems, settling issues, and coming to a consensus. They may spend so much time and energy promoting their own thoughts and ideas that they fail to take the time or make the effort to attempt to look through the eyes of those with differing views and opinions. In the interest of doing what is best for Oregonians, it is time to bring people to Salem who are willing to step back and make a concerted effort at attempting to look beyond a rigid partisan position regarding state issues and who work toward acceptable compromises.

In my experiences as a school board member and other organizations I have come to realize the many accomplishments that can come about when a diverse thinking group can build a working relationship based on respect and trust.

It is paramount that all state representatives work to try and understand the thoughts, needs and actions of all citizens who represent the many communities within the larger Oregon culture. I am in hopes that by bringing some new faces with cooperative attitudes to Salem we can break up the failed chemistry formula for human interactions that now exist in our state leadership.

Oregon will be better served if we can bring folks to Salem such as myself who are more willing to reach across the partisan aisle with an olive branch of respect and understanding than with a boxing glove.

(This information furnished by Bill A. Smith.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722