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Peter Sorenson

Occupation: Lane County Commissioner

Occupational Background: Attorney; Small Business Owner; Prosecutor; Night Watchman; Farmhand

Educational Background: J.D., M.A., B.A., University of Oregon; Southwestern Oregon Community College; North Bend High School

Prior Governmental Experience: State Senator; Special Assistant, Carter Administration; Legislative Assistant, United States Congress

Community Service: Board Chair, Lane Community College; Sunday School Teacher; Senior Companion Program Member; Kidsports Soccer and YMCA Basketball Coach


Lifelong Oregonian, Unashamed Populist And Progressive Democrat

I grew up in rural Coos County and raised my family in Eugene. In my 30 years of public service I have always stood for core Democratic values: pro-education, pro-environment, prochoice, pro-senior, pro-worker, pro-civil rights, pro-Oregon!


Telling It Straight

Oregon's tax system hurts working families. The income tax once paid by major corporations now rests on the backs of individuals and small business owners.
Major corporations today pay only five percent of Oregon's income tax; two-thirds pay none.
Oregon's public schools are suffering. Continued funding cuts have turned Oregonians away from community colleges, and crowded more kids into fewer classrooms.
Oregon's health care system is broken. One out of five Oregonians have no access to health care.


I Am The Only Democratic Candidate For Governor Willing To Fight For Corporate Tax Reform To Fully Fund Public Education And Health Care

As Your Governor I Will

Ensure that major corporations, like you, pay their fair share in state income taxes.
End the corporate kicker, saving Oregon hundreds of millions of dollars each year.
Fight to protect Oregon's environment.
Build sustainable, family wage jobs.
Work to bring our National Guard home from Iraq.

With Your Vote We Can Do Extraordinary Things

I can win in November. New York polling firm, Zogby International, shows me outpolling Ron Saxton and Kevin Mannix by as many as 10 points.

Contact: 541-302-5929, info@petesorenson.com, 503-914-9321

Pete Sorenson
A Real Democrat For A Change

(This information furnished by Elect Sorenson.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722