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Ben Talley

Occupation: Small Business Partner, Law Librarian

Occupational Background: Professional Librarian, College Instructor, Natural Foods Store Owner

Educational Background: Masters, Brigham Young University

Prior Governmental Experience: None

We need a change of direction.

Not many people understand that Oregon's budget process depends first and foremost on the House of Representatives. The House, by law, is the only part of our state government that can propose revenue bills.

With the City of Pendleton joining a lawsuit against the state for inadequate funding of the schools in our community, it must be pointed out that the main responsibility for that shortfall is with the people who have controlled the House for more than a decade now.

Our current representative is a decent man, but he has consistently backed the policies and the partisanship by the Republican House leadership that have devastated our schools and blocked virtually every positive proposal on health care for our families, businesses and communities.

In 2005 alone, he voted to block debate on full funding for our schools. He blocked debate on a proposal that would have ended "golden parachutes" for school district administrators. He also voted to block debate to expand our low cost prescription drug program for seniors. He did this because his party's leaders in the House ordered him to. He must be replaced with a representative who will put Oregon first, partisan politics a far second.

From within our 150 mile "food shed", I've helped make natural, grass-fed ranch meats and organic farm vegetables available locally. This self-reliance means real security. It protects us from unhealthy corporate interests and dependency on federal subsidies. Truly sustainable family farms and community-owned businesses grow our local tax base that supports schools and public services.

The cultural face of NE Oregon is becoming more complex. I pledge to bring all our District's residents to the discussion so that we may determine a prosperous future for our communities, education, jobs and our economy.

(This information furnished by Ben Talley.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722