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Carol Voisin

Occupation: Lecturer, Southern Oregon University

Occupational Background: Assistant to President, Mountain Meadows LLC, 2003-04; Owner and founder of Employment Works, a business linking mid-sized businesses with qualified older employees, 1998-2003; director of educational programs (Duke University and Pacific School of Religion), 1982-1998

Educational Background: BS, Social Science; Master of Divinity; Doctor of Theology (Graduate Theological Union)

Prior Governmental Experience: City Housing Commission; State Commission on Senior Workers; City Traffic and Safety Commissioner.

Community Involvement: League of Women Voters; Chamber of Commerce; California Governor's Small Business Exemplary Employer Award, 2000.

Carol Voisin - Your Voice in Congress

Oregon's Second District deserves representation of its people and their interests, not a rubber stamp for large corporate interests or remote national leaders whose party line doesn't serve Oregonians' actual economic needs and core values. Carol Voisin listens, then speaks and acts. She believes that a smart, lean campaign can unite Oregonians of the Second District around core values-our common ground as citizens, more important than political labels.

Ethics - Tell the truth (without deception). Obey the law (no matter how powerful you are). Don't steal, including theft from our grandchildren through huge governmental deficits.
Equal opportunity - Everyone should be able to earn a fair return for work, both businesses and employees. Affordable health care is necessary for all.
Education - Our future depends on quality education. Empowered teachers are key to quality at all levels. Accessible higher education underlies economic strength.
Environment - We must practice stewardship of our precious environment, seek alternative energy sources.
Ensuring security - Government action preventing and responding to both terror and natural catastrophe. Leaders must plan realistically and be effective in follow-through.

Carol Voisin can be your voice in Congress. She will vote for strong ethics, effective government action, and good citizenship in the international community.

P.O. Box 8228, Medford OR 97501

(This information furnished by Committee to Elect Carol Voisin to Congress.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722