State Representative

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Brad Witt

Occupation: Union Representative, United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 555

Occupational Background: Secretary-Treasurer, Oregon AFL-CIO; Western Council Industrial Workers

Educational Background: University of Oregon, MA; University of Massachusetts, B.A.

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative, Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, State Forestry Board and Oregon Forest Resource Institute.


"Having raised my family in Clatskanie, I feel a genuine kinship with the land, culture and people of NW Oregon. What a wonderful challenge to speak for a vast, rural district and to stand up for the values of its hard working people." - Brad Witt

Standing up for Schools
For successful children, Oregonians must invest in stable funding for K-12 education. We must commit to strengthening community college programs so essential to bolstering Oregon's rural economy.

Access to Affordable Health Care
For too many Oregonians, health care is too expensive or completely out of reach. On their behalf, I am fighting to expand access to affordable health care coverage and prescription drugs.

Growing Our Natural Resource Economy
To preserve the livability of our communities and strengthen our rural economy, sustainability is the key. We must embrace an economic, social and environmental balance as we strive to create new family-wage jobs.

Keeping Our Communities Safe
The rampant methamphetamine epidemic in our state is one of many serious, complex challenges. We must keep our families safe, protect the rights of crime victims, and empower our criminal justice system.

Brad is proudly supported by:

Dr. James H. Tyack, DMD; Earl J. Fisher; Eric Paulson, Lektro; Former State Representative Jackie Taylor; Greg Hamann; Jan Kenna; Michael Sowder; Oregon AFSCME Council 75; Oregon/Idaho/Utah Area Council, Assn. of Western Pulp and Paper Workers; Randy Peterson, Mayor, St. Helens; Rita Bernhard, Columbia County Commissioner; Service Employees International Union (SEIU); and Teevin Bros. Land & Timber Co.

"NW Oregon has always sent effective, respected leaders to the State Capitol, and I trust Brad to continue that tradition."

- Nancy Federici

(This information furnished by Brad Witt for State Representative.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722