Judge of the Circuit Court

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Beverly Anderson

Occupation: Attorney

Occupational Background: 1973-1985 Homemaker; 1988-1996 Teacher - Interpersonal Communication; 1989-1992 Financial Manager; 1995-2000 Law Practice focusing on domestic relations (divorce, child custody and support, adoption), intellectual property (trademarks and copyrights), business law (business formation, contracts, and employment matters), and wills and estates (estate planning, trusts, and probate); 2000-2006 General Counsel/Chief Financial Officer; Board of Directors Lane Pregnancy Support Center; Board of Directors Oregon Community Credit Union.

Educational Background: Bachelor of Science - Rhetoric and Communication, with Honors and Summa Cum Laude, U of O 1987; Master of Science in Rhetoric and Communication, U of O 1989; Doctor of Jurisprudence, recipient of the Otto J. Frohnmayer Scholarship and Mediator Certification, U of O 1995.

Prior Governmental Experience: Intern - US District Court; Mediator - Small Claims Lane County Circuit Court.

A judge must:

  • Uphold the Law
Absent adjudication of the laws our society is built upon, livability in Lane County will degrade. A judge serves the critical role of holding individuals accountable for their behavior to the fullest extent allowed by law.
  • Resolve Individual Cases
The rubber meets the road as a judge uses her skills to create resolution for the individuals before her, never forgetting the impact her decisions have on those who seek their day in court.
  • Promote Justice
A judge must implement innovative programs and improve systems to maximize resources and efficiency.

Why you should vote for me:

  • Aptitude
My keen analytical ability is demonstrated by performance within complex regulatory, financial and business realms.
  • Skills
Objective and impartial listener.
Problem solver.
Consensus builder.
  • Knowledge
I know the law and am sworn to uphold it always.
I know how people communicate.
I know the realities of business and finance.
My broad experiences result in good common sense.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE! I bring GOOD JUDGMENT AND BALANCED EXPERIENCE to the courtroom. For more information about me visit www.electBevAnderson.com.

(This information furnished by Beverly Anderson.)

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