Superintendent of Public Instruction

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Deborah L. Andrews

Occupation: Small business owner; education consultant and executive assistant

Occupational Background: Former Board Member Oregon Association for Talented and Gifted; 18 years homemaker and volunteer; Founding member former statewide education advocacy group, Nebraska Parent Network, Omaha Chapter President and Advocacy Chair; Successfully advocated for Education Rule change and education bill written, passed and funded; 13 years Nebraska Department of Labor

Educational Background: University of Nebraska; Learning research workshops and conferences in the United States and Europe; Researched and published articles locally, regionally, nationally and internationally

Prior Governmental Experience: Work Committee Oregon Early Options Bill; Nebraska Department of Education: High Ability Advisory Committee, Safe Schools Task Force, Retention Renewal and Recruitment of Quality Educators, Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 16 Task Force

We can get better results for a whole lot less money when we effectively teach kids the basics early, reading and math facts. Children are smarter than ever before. However, schools are dumbed down and teachers are not well prepared. Students are not being taught how to read well, early and quickly. As evidenced in our math standards, students are not required to memorize basic number facts in the early grades and are encouraged to use calculators. Lacking basic reading and math skills, students fall further and further behind the longer they attend our schools. The lack of basic skills may be a significant factor in the 28.9% increase in the number of special education students served since 1992-1993 Oregon Department of Education Annual Report 2003-2004. I will work to implement research-proven, challenging curriculum and improved teacher training. I will use incentives, accreditation, certification, Oregon Rules and Legislation to right this ship. The course we are on is one of exploding costs and student failure.

Candidacy endorsed by:
Barbara Bateman

"I endorse Deb Andrews as candidate for Superintendent for Public Instruction."
Siegfried Engelmann - Professor

Dr. Wayne Bishop, Professor of Mathematics

(This information furnished by Deb Andrews.)

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