District Attorney

Elizabeth Ballard photo

Elizabeth Ballard

Occupation: Morrow County Deputy District Attorney

Occupational Background: Treatment Coordinator; Disaster Outreach

Educational Background: A.A. Liberal Arts, Indian Hills Community College; B.S. Psychology, Missouri Western State College; J.D. University of Oregon School of Law.

Prior Governmental Experience: none

My prior public service working with troubled youth, made me determined to focus my skills and energy on the rights of victims, rather than defending criminals.

In the three and a half years I've been honored to serve as Morrow County Deputy District Attorney, I've successfully prosecuted many different kinds of crimes, including drug crimes, property crimes, sex crimes and crimes of domestic violence. Methamphetamine, in particular, is a serious problem with rippling effects, and is all too prevalent in our communities. I am committed to aggressively investigating and prosecuting drug crimes and the accompanying property crimes that users commit to support their habit. I ask for your vote.

"I put my money on Elizabeth Ballard. She has experience serving as Deputy District Attorney. Children and families' safety and well being are extremely important to Elizabeth." Carolyn Holt

"Elizabeth is the best candidate for the position of Morrow County District Attorney due to her level of professionalism and dedication to the citizens of Morrow County. I fully endorse her for Morrow County District Attorney." John E. Zeiler

"In her more than three years of service as a Morrow County Deputy District Attorney, Elizabeth Ballard has proven herself to be a successful and conscientious prosecutor. Her experience and commitment to Morrow County make her the most qualified candidate on the ballot. I believe Elizabeth is the best choice to succeed me as District Attorney. Please join me on May 16th and vote Elizabeth Ballard for Morrow County District Attorney." David C. Allen, Morrow County District Attorney

Endorsements: Barbara J. Huwe, Kimberly Lindsay, Martin Montes de Oca, Karen Carter, Violet F. Wilgers, Samarra D. Van Doorn, Lucy Veliz, Brian Snyder, John A. Bowles,

(This information furnished by Elizabeth Ballard.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722