District Attorney

John L. Ballard photo

John L. Ballard

Occupation: Attorney

Occupational Background: Businessman. Private legal practice.

Educational Background: Juris Doctor (with distinction) -- University of North Dakota School of Law; Bachelor of Arts, (summa cum laude) -- Buena Vista College, Iowa

Prior Governmental Experience: no elected offices.


With years of experience building and operating a successful law firm, I will bring to the District Attorney's Office that same strong work ethic and sense of fiscal responsibility while restoring integrity to the role of leading law enforcement in Morrow County. I will work full-time and be a visible presence in the District Attorney's office.


As District Attorney, I will work closely with schools and senior citizens to help protect our most vulnerable citizens. I will place a special emphasis upon vigorous prosecution of drug crimes, burglaries, identity thefts and will protect the rights of crime victims. My work in the legal field has ranged from traffic violations to Measure 11 crimes.


I believe that justice should treat everyone equally. I will keep Morrow County safe and ensure that rural areas receive the same level of protection as our cities. My emphasis on criminal prosecution will be those crimes which closely effect the community. The District Attorney has a duty to serve all citizens of Morrow County.


I will serve Morrow County honestly, with an open door for any citizen's concerns. I have the experience of a business owner and understand financial management from budgets to employees. Morrow County's money should be spent where the money is most needed.

"We can trust John Ballard to be fair, firm, and work tirelessly for the people of Morrow County."

Roy Drago, Sheriff of Morrow County (retired)

"I've known John Ballard for many years. He knows the law and I trust him. He plays it straight."

Earl Woods, Former District Attorney for Morrow County

(This information furnished by Committee to elect John L. Ballard for Morrow County District Attorney.)

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