District Attorney

Jack L. Banta photo

Jack L. Banta

Occupation: Douglas County District Attorney, 1989 to present.

Occupational Background: Deputy District Attorney for Douglas County; Private Practice of Law; U.S. Army Reserve.

Educational Background: Graduate, Sweet Home High School, 1964; B.S. 1968, University of Oregon; Doctorate of Jurisprudence 1971, University of Oregon School of Law.

Prior Governmental Experience: District Attorney of Douglas County; Deputy District Attorney for Douglas County.

Family: Jack and Peggy Banta were married in 1967 and raised two children in Douglas County.

District Attorney Jack Banta offers the people of Douglas County over 33 years of experience as an attorney. He is an experienced prosecutor. He began working in the Douglas County District Attorneys Office in 1972. In 1977 he entered into private law practice in Roseburg. In 1984 he returned to the Office and in 1987 was promoted to Chief Deputy. In 1989 he was appointed Douglas County District Attorney. In 1991 he began serving as your elected District Attorney.

Jack Banta currently serves as a member of the Douglas County Public Safety Coordinating Council; and, the Court Security and Emergency Preparedness Local Advisory Committee. He is active in the Oregon District Attorneys Association and served as President in 2000.

Jack will continue to build upon the foundation and programs he has created since taking Office. The Douglas County District Attorneys Office now enjoys a positive state wide reputation for the level of services it provides, the expertise of its staff, and the high degree of coordination which exists between The Office and other local, state, and federal criminal justice agencies.

Jack firmly, efficiently and impartially enforces the law in Douglas County. The Office emphasizes quality prosecution services and accountability to the public.



(This information furnished by Jack L. Banta.)

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