Judge of the Circuit Court

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Christopher R. Brauer

Occupation: District Attorney for Umatilla County.

Occupational Background: Attorney emphasizing criminal law for twenty-five years as both a prosecutor and defender with experience as a partner in a law firm and a sole practitioner in civil practice.

Educational Background: Bachelor of Arts, Willamette University; Post-Graduate Studies, Portland State University; Doctor of Jurisprudence, Gonzaga University School of Law.

Prior Governmental Experience: District Attorney for Umatilla County (1995-present); Oregon District Attorneys Association President (2002); Former Special Deputy Prosecutor in Deschutes, Union, Linn and Morrow counties; Local Public Safety Coordinating Council (1995-present); Umatilla County Senior Management Team (1995-present); State Prison Advisory Committee at EOCI (2000-present); Oregon State Board on Public Safety Standards and Training (1999-2005); Oregon Judicial Department Criminal Caseflow Management Pilot Project (2006).

Chris Brauer is a hard-working, principled and ethical public servant whose dedication to public safety, human dignity and the rule of law has directed his professional life for more than two decades. He brings a scholar's approach to legal issues and a tough, no nonsense, approach to crime.

Chris Brauer is an advocate for learning and education who has participated for years in educating Oregon's lawyers. He is an enthusiastic participant in the leadership programs of several municipalities. He will use his legal acumen and scholastic aptitude to carefully, impartially, and meticulously serve the Circuit Court as judge.

Chris Brauer was born and raised in the State of Oregon. For more than twenty years Brauer has been a respected legal practitioner in the courthouses of Umatilla and Morrow counties. He will bring to the court the important qualifications of experience and intelligence as well as the degree of common sense necessary to tame complex legal issues.

Endorsed by all the Circuit Court Judges of the Sixth Judicial District: Hon. Jeffrey M. Wallace, Hon. Garry L. Reynolds, Hon. Ronald J. Pahl, and Hon. Daniel J. Hill.

Experienced. Professional. Tough. Fair. Effective.

(This information furnished by Elect Christopher R. Brauer Circuit Court Judge Committee.)

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