District Attorney

Edwin I. Caleb photo

Edwin I. Caleb

Occupation: Klamath County District Attorney

Occupational Background: Klamath County District Attorney, 1985-present; Deputy District Attorney, Klamath County, 1982-84; General practice of law, Lane County, 1979-1982.

Educational Background: University of Oregon School of Law, Juris Doctor, 1979. Brockport State University, Bachelors, 1975.

Prior Governmental Experience: Founded: Klamath County Methamphetamine Task Force; Klamath County Anti-Terrorism Task Force; Citizens for Safe Schools; Elder Abuse Task Force; Domestic Violence Reduction Unit; DUII Task Force. Appointed to: Attorney General's Violent Crime Task Force; Governor's Corrections Task Force.

The District Attorney works for all of us.

  • Ed Caleb prosecutes violent criminals who commit homicide, assault, robbery, and sexual offenses. He supports Measure 11 passed by voters to provide mandatory sentences for violent criminals. His office prosecutes over three thousand criminal cases each year.

  • Ed Caleb's top priority is the protection of children. His office vigorously prosecutes neglect, abuse, sexual crimes, and internet crimes directed at children.

  • Ed Caleb helps crime victims get restitution from criminals. His office coordinates medical, housing, and transportation assistance. He protects vulnerable citizens by focusing on domestic violence and elder abuse.

  • Ed Caleb formed the Klamath County Methamphetamine Task Force to confront Klamath County's most dangerous drug problem.

  • Ed Caleb founded Citizen's for Safe Schools to provide a safe educational environment for the children of our community. He works with advocates for children to prevent destructive, delinquent behavior.

  • Ed Caleb believes that water is life. During 2001, he worked with Basin farmers to protect water rights.

  • Ed Caleb has never overspent the budget provided to his office by the Klamath County Budget Committee.

  • Ed Caleb provides experienced leadership to fight drugs, gangs, and violent crime. He works to preserve what makes Klamath County a special place to live.

  • For more information, go to www.VOTECALEB.com.

(This information furnished by Committee to Re-Elect Edwin I. Caleb Klamath County District Attorney.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722