Judge of the Circuit Court

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James Chaney

Occupation: Attorney, arbitrator

Occupational Background: Practicing lawyer for 23 years; court and privately appointed arbitrator since 1995

Educational Background: Stanford University (BA Economics 1979); UCLA School of Law (JD 1982)

Prior Governmental Experience: Oregon State Bar Professionalism Commission (1995-99; Chair 1999); Lane County Human Services Commission Community Action Advisory Committee (confirmation pending)

My campaign is different.

Elections for judge should inspire public confidence in judges and our court system; costly name recognition campaigns, and old-style backroom politics, simply don't do that.

I don't have a fundraising committee, and I won't advertise on television. Instead, I'm running an open, transparent campaign based on public appearances, a comprehensive website, and personally meeting the voters by knocking on thousands of doors all over Lane County.

I have nearly twice the years of experience of any other candidate. Working with individual Oregonians to Fortune 500 companies in almost every Oregon county west of the Cascades, and before the Oregon Supreme Court, I've repeatedly proven my dedication, skill, and work ethic. It will be a privilege to put those years of experience to work in serving Lane County.

One page can't tell you everything you need to know to make the right choice in this vital race. If I haven't knocked on your door yet, visit my website at www.chaneyforjudge.com, or call me at (541) 913-3287. I'll personally answer your call, and answer all the questions I can.

"I admire Jim for his exceptional intelligence, high civic-mindedness, and moral integrity. He is a man of conscience and ethical responsibility who will work tirelessly for the good of our people."

Mark Johnson, Professor, UO Philosophy Department

"James Chaney is patient, open-minded, courteous, tactful, understanding and compassionate, and combines those characteristics with the right amount of humility."

Robert H. Fraser, mediator and arbitrator; former President, Lane County and Oregon State Bars

Other supporting community leaders include John Alltucker; W. Andrew Marcus, UO Professor of Geography; and Steven C. Kanaga, legal aid attorney

(This information furnished by James Chaney.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722