Judge of the Circuit Court

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Joe Charter

Occupation: Justice of the Peace/Attorney/Mediator

Occupational Background: Jackson County Justice of the Peace; former Jackson County Judge Pro Tem, Jackson County Bar President; Oregon State Bar House of Delegates (1999-2002); Member, American Judges' Association; Judicial Special Master, Juneau, Alaska, (1984-1985).

Educational Background: University of Michigan, 1980 (Bachelor's); University of California, 1984 (Law)

Prior Governmental Experience: Medford Planning Commission, Charter Review Committee; Ashland Forest Lands Commission

Personal: Children: Mimi; Malia; Community Involvement: Mediation Works Board; Rotary; Boys To Men Mentor; SMART Reader; Samaritan Counseling Board; Ascension Church Council

EXPERIENCED: Presided over hundreds of trials and thousands of arraignments in Justice Court; criminal cases as Circuit Court Judge Pro Tem. Experienced litigator with diverse practice. Familiar with most types of cases that come before the courts.

I support:

  • Expanded Drug Courts
  • Victims' Rights
  • Equal Justice for all
  • The Rule of Law
  • The Rights of Individuals

Good judges make a difference in the lives of citizens every day by:

  • Holding Offenders Accountable and Keeping our Community Safe
  • Strengthening and Maintaining Families
  • Building Strong Communities through Community Partnerships
  • Limiting the Power of the Government

"A judge's only agenda is to apply the law consistently, predictably, and fairly without allowing personal beliefs to affect decisions. Like an impartial umpire, judges should make calls based on existing rules, not change the rules to affect the outcome of the game."

"Charter has been busy since taking office....[T]he laws being enforced...
will help make the county a safer place to live and work."
-Medford Mail Tribune Editorial, 11/29/05

"Knows the community and active in community service;
very qualified.experienced...."
-Board of Commissioners letter to Governor, 8/3/04

"He has the knowledge and experience to be a good judge."
-Judge Allen Drescher

Endorsed by: Commissioners Dennis (C.W.) Smith, Dave Gilmour, M.D.; Ashland Municipal Judge Allen Drescher, Police Chief Michael Bianca; Medford Councilmen Jim Key, Skip Knight, John Statler, Greg Jones; Ashland Mayor John Morrison; Shady Cove Mayor Dick Bailey.

(This information furnished by Charter Campaign.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722