Judge of the Circuit Court

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Vincent A. Deguc

Occupation: Attorney

Occupational Background: Circuit Court Judge Pro Tem (8 years); District Court Judge Pro Tem (10 years); Circuit Court Reference Judge (17 years); Washington County Arbitrator (20 years); Attorney-at-Law (30 years); College Business Law Instructor; Bankruptcy Court Law Clerk; Laborer (College).

Educational Background: Northwestern School of Law, Lewis and Clark College, JD; University of Notre Dame, BA.

Prior Governmental Experience: Bankruptcy Court Trustee, Metropolitan Human Relations Commission, VISTA Attorney.

"The members of our Association and the E-board members are impressed with your views and positions on public safety issues and diligent work in the field of criminal justice."
Washington County Police Officer's Association by President Murray Rau

"The fact that I, as a twenty-six year police veteran, am endorsing a defense attorney for judge should speak volumes for Vince's integrity and qualifications." Det. Sgt. Michael O'Connell, Deputy Sheriff

"When the County Victim Advocate failed us, Vince listened, advised, and came through for me and my family. Vince believes that the law exists to protect people's rights whether they are the defendant or the victim." Bonnie Pattyn

"Vincent demonstrates his long-time commitment to Washington County in his volunteer and professional activities." John Leeper, Washington County Commissioner

"Vincent A. Deguc has the experience, common sense, and work ethic to be a valuable addition to the bench." Timothy P. Alexander, Circuit Court Judge, Washington County

George A. Van Hoomissen, Justice, Oregon Supreme Court (retired)
Edward Jones, Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge
Jan G. Wyers, Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge
Richard C. Baldwin, Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge

Washington County Commissioner, Andy Duyck
Tom Hughes, Mayor of Hillsboro
Charles R. Faes, Mayor - King City
Nabil Kanso Sr., President, Homes Association of Cedar Hills

"I care about people. Each person coming before the court must be treated with respect. I will use my knowledge, experience, and work ethic to provide the timely and fair administration of justice." Vincent A. Deguc

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(This information furnished by Vincent A. Deguc.)

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