District Attorney

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Ginger Lee Harris

Occupation: Attorney; Real Estate Principal Broker

Occupational Background: Adult Foster Care Provider; Bookkeeper; Small Business Owner

Educational Background: Oregon Institute of Technology; Willamette University J.D.

Prior Governmental Experience: Instrumental in causing a change in a law affecting inheritance taken by the State from heirs of deceased Medicaid recipients; effectively testified before a Senate Hearing Committee to prevent passing a restrictive law concerning newspaper carriers; Chiloquin City Council Member; Court Mediator.

Meth/Drug Issues:

  • Too many deals are made with incarcerated drug users releasing them if they "narc" on someone, only to discharge them back into the cycle of committing more drug-related crimes.

  • More focus placed on current and yet-to-be-developed preventive measures before drug use begins or after being released once they are "clean." I propose introducing new alternatives and expanding existing programs such as: Teen Challenge; Boys and Girls Club; business mentoring; Prison Fellowship after-care; inner-healing/counseling, and transitional housing.

  • My tough-love stance is exemplified by turning in one of my eight children for theft, related to meth use, and strongly advocating against opposition for his current placement in Teen Challenge instead of "narc-ing" and being released.

Domestic Violence:

  • "Domestic Violence Gender Profiling" too often incarcerates only men. More women abusers need help, too. Shared responsibility can work.

  • Government-forced "no contact" orders and "no-drop" policies are often unconstitutionally implemented causing: more family problems; threats to take children; and victims unwilling to testify.

  • Being a victim of domestic violence myself, more focus needs to be put on preparing the victims about how to leave when they are actually ready.

I identify with the core issues of our community, and I alone am the right choice for Klamath County District Attorney. Inspired with a clear vision, I will put into motion solutions that will restore proper balance and justice to our community that is in great need of change.

Our future depends on it!!


(This information furnished by Ginger Lee Harris.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722