Judge of the Circuit Court

Edward Jones photo

Edward Jones

Occupation: Circuit Court Judge

Occupational Background: 23 years as a lawyer; 6 years as a judge

Educational Background: BA from Reed College; JD from Lewis and Clark

Prior Governmental Experience: 6 years as a judge

When an offender is sentenced the judge should be able to impose specific sanctions designed to make the community safer by reducing future criminal behavior by that particular offender. Not everything works on every offender. Hard experience has taught us that jail, or even prison, often provides only temporary relief for the community. If "no new victims" is our goal, we need more than cells to get the job done. There are programs that reduce crime, such as our intensive supervision DUII program and our drug courts, but we lack the resources to apply what we have learned to other offenders. With funding we could create "accountability" courts for other classes of offenders, and back those courts up with aggressive supervision, treatment, and jail beds. Such programs are not cheap, but having fewer victims justifies the costs. Those who claim we can reduce crime without additional money for offender supervision and treatment are more interested in your vote than in your safety. While attention has been focused on our "shortage" of jail beds, the greater losses have been to alternative programs. We have lost our work release center and our forest work camp. We never opened the secure treatment beds that were to have been part of the Wapato facility. Our out-patient treatment resources for drug, alcohol, mental health or family violence problems fall far short of what is needed. Were those alternatives available we would have enough cells for those who deserve them. Let those who seek your vote know you support providing the courts with the full range of tools needed to reduce crime.

(This information furnished by Edward Jones.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722