District Attorney

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Daniel Ousley

Occupation: Wallowa County District Attorney

Occupational Background: private law practice; city attorney and city manager, Toledo, Oregon; Wallowa County District Attorney, 1995-present.

Educational Background: Bachelor of Arts in government, Cornell University, 1969; Doctor of Jurisprudence, University of Oregon, 1973.

Prior Governmental Experience: city attorney for cities of Enterprise, Wallowa, Joseph, and Toledo, Oregon; city manager for Toledo, Oregon.

My staff and I have worked hard over the last eleven years to be open and available to the public at all times and to be even handed, fair, and consistent in prosecuting cases. My goals are to hold offenders accountable, be mindful and supportive of victims' rights, and always do what is best for the community as a whole. That means acting without fear or favor, very much as stated in the oath taken as a district attorney to do justice in all matters.

We also work cooperatively with all the law enforcement agencies and incorporate the officers into the process of the prosecution of offenses. Their voices are part of the legal system and are an integral part in its operation for the good of the entire county.

Respectfully submitted,
Daniel Ousley

(This information furnished by Daniel Ousley.)

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